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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blame School.

Helloooo everyone!

I know I'm an awful blogger lately, but I SWEAR it is all School's fault! I had a few midterms this week along with some decently important assignments, and I GUESS school is a "priority" or whatever you call it...tehe

Anyways, I'm also in this group project and no one is doing anything at all about it! None of my group members communicate with me and it is SO frustrating!

I definitely want to do more videos. I need to find a better place in my house with good lighting so they don't come out so crappily! I hope you are all enjoying the Fall weather, it actually snowed here 2 days ago! I did not enjoy it...snow is not good for the clumsy. Have a great weekend everyone!

PS! I noticed I have a few new followers, hello to them! Feel free to email or comment requests! And THANK YOUUU!