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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Red Lip Tutorial

Ooooh two posts in one day!! You lucky readers.

Today I'll be doing a really really simple tutorial on a sexy red lip. This is great if you're doing a cute 40's look or even a Halloween idea (I know I'm a smidge early ;)) if you're going for the Marilyn look.
Products Used:
Chapstick (OR MAC Prep + Prime. My lips dry out so easily and Prep + Prime dries them out a decent amount.) Just a base.
MAC Red Enriched Lipliner. Something the same color as the lipstick your using.
MAC Brave Red Lipstick. A really true red color.
MAC Monogram Posh Life Lipgloss. It's a bright pink/ reddish color to finish off the look.
-So! Step one is to prep your lips. Just give them a nice smooth base that isn't too heavy. I just apply a thin layer of chapstick.

-Next is to line your lips. I start at the outside and color in the rest of my lip from there. Make sure everything is colored in really well, and that it's even. Clean up any mistakes that you make on the way. This will almost give your lips the "stained" look. It keeps the color more true and prevents it from getting all over your face like you got dunked in Kool Aid!!

-After that, time for lipstick. A lot of makeup artists will advise to use a lip brush. I personally don't care much for them. I always use the very tip of my lipstick and apply ALL OVER your lip. Lip brushes are recommended because a lot of people tend to mainly put lipstick in the center, ignoring the sides of your lips. Clean up your mistakes, smoosh, and blot once with a tissue. You can see the color getting more intense in the pics..

-The last step is to add some lipgloss!! Apply it all over the bottom lip area and smoosh together, cleaning up any mistakes. I keep saying that because mistakes are pretty noticeable with this color, lol. After applying gloss they'll look so smoking hot!!

YOU ARE DONE!! See? Red lips totally aren't hard!! I usually pair it with some bold black liner, you don't want to go overboard with shadows when you have such a bold color on the lips. Any questions? Let me know!! Have a great night everyone!

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  1. So cute! Great tutorial! I don't use lipstick a lot b/c it doesn't stay on well for me and then it flakes off and makes my lips even more chapped. Even if I use a base of chapstick. Any suggestions?

  2. That usually happens for me alot with MAC's lippies, it sucks!! I've found a GREAT formula from The Body Shop, I can't even describe how much I love their stuff!! I got a lipstick from their new Roseflower Lips collection...amazing. It's silky smooth and very moisturizing! They're pretty reasonable prices too.

  3. I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about The Body Shop lipsticks and how they like them. Maybe I'll give that a shot.

  4. Very nice lip color! And love the sassy picture!


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