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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Smokey Eye Tutorial! VIDEEOOO!

Yay for my first official sweet video!

Any questions, please comment or email! Expect more soooooon :) I def gotta adjust the camera/mirror setup though. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mac Scene Eyeshadow

For some reason, I always confuse Scene and Print eyeshadows. I think the colors looked really similar online the first time I saw them and from then it's history. But this color is a really nice muted purple that's good for either everyday or a night out.
I've used this shadow a few times and it's definitely blendable and easy to work with. It also goes really well with other colors so it's super versatile.

Wow, that picture is pretty damn awful! But this shadow really is just awesome. I would consider it a staple in a night-out palette. If you aren't sure, I would just get it!

MAC Photo Realism Quad

Lovee this quad already. I haven't used this one on my actual eyelid, but these colors are really gorgeous. Expect an FOTD soon soon soon!

The colors from top left to bottom right are: Photo Realism, Fresh Approach, Image Maker, and Grey Range.

The lightest color is a gold/champagne. The lightest green reminds me of a Granny Smith apple, only sexier. The 3rd finger green is a gorgeous olivey shimmery color, and that deep color is a green/blue that is truly gorgeous. I really can't wait to use these shadows and I shall give you all updates when I use it!

MAC Nocturnelle Eyeshadow

I got this shadow a few weeks ago and I really like it. It's an intense violet with a decent amount of shimmer and it makes for some really fun looks. This first picture doesn't really do justice, it's much more vibrant purple IRL.

The swatch came out a bit better, the shadow actually looks a bit muddy in this next picture, but it's really workable on the eyelid.

But that above picture definitely shows the true color of the shadow. Nocturnelle is perfect for a purple based smokey eye. Here's an FOTD I did a few weeks ago from a wedding I went to with Shane..

We're precious, I know. But you can juuust see that hint of purple. I got many compliments on the shadow that night!

MAC In The Gallery Quad

Right when the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection launched, I KNEW I had to grab a few of those gorgeous quads!! This is one of the quads I ended up getting. The colors are, I believe top left to bottom right: Lightfall, Look At The Eyes, In The Gallery, and Private Viewing.

Being a brown-eyed girl, I looove purples. They always make my eyes look super rich and deep. I haven't tried out this quad on my actual face yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll be a hit. The colors IRL are a bit deeper than the picture above.

The lightest color is a mauvey pink with little shimmer, it almost looks champagne in the pictures, but IRL it's much pinkey-er. The top purple looks to be a lighter version of Nocturnelle by MAC. The bottom left (3rd finger) purple is just flat out violet, and the darkest color is a very deep plumb. I'm very excited to play with this quad and you all can expect some FOTD's in the future!

MAC MSF: Triple Fusion

I sure do love me some MSF's. They're so versatile. Triple Fusion is my 2nd MSF.

There's a pink, bronze, and goldish color included in this MSF. Whenever I use it, I usually just do an all around swirl with my brush. But you could easily make it into a single blush, or bronzer, or highlighter. The colors are SUPER shimmery and if you're going for a matte look, look elsewhere.

These colors are all good for a sun-kissed look due to the intense shimmer. All 3 in the Triple Fusion MSF are fun and flirty, and I think it's a decently good investment. This MSF is limited edition according to MAC's website, it came out with the Colour Craft collection. If you want any of the other MSF's that came with the collection (there are tons! And they're all very gorgeous) I would grab them soon!

Lancome High Definition Mascara

Mk. So. I got this mascara from a beauty exchange from the lovely Denise aka Lambie. I really like it.

The wand is very little and easy to manuever. It's super easy to get those little baby lashes close to the tear duct compared to all these new super size brushes.

What I really really like about this mascara is that it's soo so dark. It makes your lashes look extra black which I love. It makes your lashes wicked dark and pretty good as far as thickening goes. It doesn't do a super lot for length, but I don't usually go for lengthening mascaras since my lashes are already decently long.

All in all, I wouldn't go out and buy this mascara (on Sephora it's $24.50) but I do really like it. For someone with lashes of average length and thickness, this could be the one for you.

I'm still getting used to the new camera Shane got me for my birthday, especially as far as close ups go, but here are my lashes with Lancome High Definition.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok...so I know that I am officially the worst blogger in the world since I haven't posted in like..3 months or so? I'm sorrryyy!! My job working at the bank this summer really consumed a lot of my energy and hanging out with BF Shane occupied me as well. So I'm sorry! But school is starting up next week, and hopefully I'll have a little more time. I'm taking some bloggish pics tonight because TOMORROW to make up for my haitus (good word use, I know.) I am doing a super duper review post-session!! I have MAD eye products and some other misc. stuff to go over. So be ready. Very ready.