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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just an update!

Oh, hey. Lol. Just giving a quick update...school has pretty much been consuming my life lately, it suuucks!! 

Hopefully I'll have a few reviews this weekend, including Nice Kitty lipglass from the HK collection thanks to the AMAZING Jen from A Beautyful Sentiment!!! It's SUCH a gorgeous pink color, very fresh and pretty. 

I also might be doing a Fix+ review and maybe some FOTDs? We'll see what happens lol. 

But today I'm helping Momma move into her brand new condo, we're both so excited lol. Hopefully reviews either tonight or tomorrow!


  1. tricia...idk about u and the mascaras loi i saw ur little rant about the fiber riche one, i like that one. hahah. i need the "dryer ones" but yeh they brush is gross on that one...it looks like something my cats played with.

  2. haha. np. tricia i think theres something wrong with the way urs is set up though because it never lets me click the links and I never get any updates. i have to go to ur profile and then click you link through there.

  3. Which links? Like the one to Beautyful Sentiment? And you don't get updates like when you log in on the dashboard?? Wahhh!! Gimme some details lol


Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog!! I really appreciate it :)