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Monday, March 2, 2009

MAC Fibre Rich Mascara Review

Fibre-rich. Good for you. Keeps lashes fit. Makes them strong, fat, well-defined. Adds muscle to short and fine lashes. Creams on. Clump proof...Spike-proof! The difference fibre makes is amazing. Add it to your lashes' diet!

I bought this mascara about two months ago, and I'm not going to lie, I'm really not that impressed. I've probably used it 5 times because I just can't stand it!!

The wand doesn't really  have combs that stick out like most mascaras that I like, it's more like a band of spikeys that are just wrapped around a lash wand. 

These are my lashes with no mascara (actually, I'm wearing no makeup at all, so excuse mee!). I was playing with bright pink eyeliner before also, so you can still see the little remnants of that!

These are my lashes with the Fibre Rich. As you can see, they definitely have more volume and are a bit longer, which is normally all I look for, since I have long thin lashes.

What I hate most about this mascara is that it clumps at first, A LOT. I feel like the forumla itself is really dry, and it clumps on my upper waterline a lot. Normally what I have to do when I wear this mascara is take a finger, put it on my eyelid, and pull upwards so that waterline will show and I can even out the mascara on it. After going through my lashes a few dozen times, the clumps come out and above is the result. Remember, it might just be me that this happens for, everyone's different!!

As far as making my lashes feel healthier...eh. When the product dries it's pretty lightweight, not crunchy or anything like some mascaras, and it doesn't flake that much (then again, mascaras don't seem to flake on me very much ever.) I would rate this mascara just average, 3 out of 5 stars.



  1. You seriously have to tell me what camera you use you always take the best close up shots!

  2. Thanks Jen!! I actually use a Sony Cybershot that I got like... a really long time ago! Lol probably like 3 or 4 yrs ago. My dad knows a LOT about cameras so he's helped me play with it. For the mascara wand I used the macro, and for my face I just use a digital zoom setting. But I play around with the colors so they look more true to life using Picnik. It helps alot!


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